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At TreeTracker, we believe trees are at the heart of cities, making them more sustainable, more resilient, more beautiful. Putting deep learning algorithms to work, we set out to smarten up urban planning, tree maintenance and environmental reporting.

TreeTracker provides you with accurate and smart automated tree information, so you can make better decisions for tree management.

Our solutions


Automated locating & measuring of trees

The manual job of locating and measuring trees is time-intensive and proves to be inaccurate. TreeTracker fully automates this process, providing faster and more accurate information about city trees.

The tree inspector doesn’t have to worry about measurements anymore and can fully focus on its job of inspecting the trees health and safety, making its job more fun to do.


Ecological impact

Trees are vital to urban areas, making them more sustainable and resilient. Trees take on water in case of heavy rainfall, keep the streets cool on a hot day and capture carbon and toxic gasses.

Combining accurate measurements with the latest insights in tree benefits, TreeTracker provides you with a detailed understanding of the trees actual ecological impact. Breaking this impact down to a cost per tree, we help you to visualise the true value of a trees for its environment.


Asset management

Putting deep learning algorithms to work, TreeTracker sets out to determine the state of a tree. Does the tree need pruning? What is the tree’s condition? What risk does the tree cause to its surrounding?

The answer to these types of questions helps you to effectively maintain your trees. Automated analysis of the tree’s state of maintenance results in less inspections and less pruning, which leads to reduced costs and a healthier tree.

New challenges emerge on a daily basis for tree maintenance in urban areas. TreeTracker is always willing to contribute to your specific challenges with innovative solutions.

TreeTracker updates

More about TreeTracker

TreeTracker was founded in 2019 by Sobolt and Bomenwacht. Combining the knowledge Sobolt has about Artificial Intelligence with the knowhow Bomenwacht has about trees, we make smart solutions for urban planning and tree maintenance.


About Dirk

With an origin in forestry and a special interest in technical innovations, Dirk is the link between Green and Tech. 

Dirk has been working in the business of tree inspections, data acquisition and IT consultancy for 15 years. He approaches your every challenge with a combination of positive energy and solid knowhow. Always with the aim to help you along with your specific problem.

“Let’s start a green revolution!”


About Sobolt

Sobolt generates world-class AI solutions through deep-learning models for sustainable futures. With a strong focus on facilitating climate adaptation and resilience building, Sobolt strives to put the “super” in human action. 

Using different sources of data, like remote sensing, Sobolt can cater solutions to a variety of urban, infrastructural and sustainable sectors.


About Bomenwacht

Bomenwacht supports tree professionals with high quality consultancy. The main focus is on tree management and urban planning.

With a wide spectrum of specialists in the field of tree management, Bomenwacht is your partner for every tree-related question.

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